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Create a Stunning Vision Board

I know that just getting started can sometimes be the hardest part of a process.

Maybe you're at the beginning of the planning process for a big event (or even your wedding day?!) and just don't know how to collect your thoughts. Trust me, I've been there so many times on various different projects. However, one thing I find to be extremely helpful as a very FIRST step is to create a vision or mood board.

If you're a person who likes to work with their hands, this can be done in a tangible way by using printed photos or images clipped from magazines, editorials, or whatever inspires you! If you're more of a digital guru, creating a Pinterest board is a great way to collect and organize your images.

Typically for an event, I'll stick to six main categories (plus one bonus category, just for fun!) that help me visually understand how I want the event or the products I'm creating to look and feel. Finding photos, colors, and images that convey the look you're going for will help give an overall vision for the day.

Here I'm just aiming to keep it simple and get those wheels turning! Try starting with six categories, and find images that show how you want the day to look and feel! For example...

1. Venue

Consider the facility where the event will take place. Is there something special or sentimental about the building? Is the architecture noteworthy? Can you draw inspiration from the interiors or the decor?

2. Location

This is the geographic location of the venue. Maybe it's a certain State or Country, or maybe just the type of environment or ecosystem. What is the weather like? What kind of flora and fauna are found there?

3. Color palette

Personally, I like to use colors that are naturally reflected in the setting of the event (see 1 & 2 above). Consider borrowing neutrals from the environment where the event will be held, and choose pops of color that are found at the venue itself, or in nature surrounding it.

4. Florals

Consider using flowers or greenery that grow naturally in the area where the event will be held. Brighter flowers can corresponding with the color palette you've selected, or keep it on the neutral side with bouquets that have more greenery or grasses.

5. Linens

This can include table cloths, napkins, banners, and more. Consider how your florals, flatware, and dishware all work together with the linen colors you choose.

6. Clothing/Attire

If you're building a vision board for a wedding, this would include the wedding party's attire (groomsmen and bridesmaids). Consider how you layer colors and texture in the clothing, and how you can incorporate your color palette into details like ties, belts, hair pieces, boutonnières, or even socks!

*7. Bonus - aesthetic images

Find images that convey how you want the day to FEEL. This is a really fun part of the process because you don't have to be as literal in your image selection. Start by closing your eyes and imagining how you want yourself and your guests to feel during the event, or how you want to feel when looking back on the memories, and find pictures that convey those emotions or images.

Want to see an example?

I've created a hypothetical vision board with pictures and details of how I go through the whole process. If you'd like to see my own visual example, click here and I'll send it your way!

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