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My Top Books & Resources for 2020

Last year (and continuing into this new year) I’ve been focusing specifically on forming habits and mindsets that lead to 1) a healthier lifestyle (mentally, physically, & emotionally) and 2) more productive, impactful work.

I’ve encountered some seriously game-changing resources that have set me on this path - here's a few! (click for links)

For this year, I have a BIG AMBITIOUS reading list. But, hey, considering I just wrote a blog post about setting big goals, this seems appropriate. It's not about perfection, it's about consistent progress.

Books I'm looking forward to reading:

(click for links)

Work & Business:

Spiritual & Emotional Health:

Leadership & Politics:


I would honestly LOVE to hear what you're excited to learn about this year (books, podcasts, subjects etc)!

Or if you want to share any resources that have been life-changing or mind-blowing for you, drop a comment below, reach out to me at, or say hello on Instagram @thisdaydesign. I want to hear what you've been learning!

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