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the experience:

Photography is art that outlives us. 

the method:

I'm here to serve you with a memorable photoshoot experience before, during, and after for years to come.


You'll go through a seamless booking process, receive location scouting and preparation advice from me beforehand if desired, and during the shoot I'll help you feel at ease in your element. 

Afterward, you can expect to receive around 30 professional photos (but usually more!) that will forever mark this special time in your life.

My husband bought me my first camera. After we got married and started traveling around the world together, it became clear that I needed a way to artfully capture what we were experiencing - from sweeping landscapes to the smallest shell.

Today, I bring that same perspective into photo sessions with my clients. I intentionally capture the macro and the micro details so that you'll always be able to look back and remember what it felt like.


starting at


A standard session is around 60 minutes. If you'd like a shorter or longer session, feel free to reach out and let me know the details!


Currently located in San Francisco, CA.

Interested but still have questions?

Click here to send me a message


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of photo work

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F A M I L Y  S E S S I O N S

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"She made me feel like all she saw through her lens was who I really am, the parts of me that sparkle on the inside, regardless of the exterior. "



—  Sara Badawi Linnett

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